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26 April, 2011

Why I Love the Mets, Part 1

by Tom McConville

Yeah, the team is down this year. Even with their 4 game winning streak, there seems to be a sense of dread with Met fans that this could indeed be a very long year.

So I started thinking about all the reasons why I love this team so much. Instead of running off at the mouth, I figured I would show you my reasons why this team means a lot to me. Here is Part 1 of my season long list.

1. Banner Day -  any Met fan worth his or her salt knew that sometime in the middle of the summer,  when a doubleheader would be played at Shea, the real action would occur in between games. Thousands of fans would march on the field with their homemade banners - or placards as Casey Stengel called them - showing the people in the stands and the television audience their allegiance to the Mets. Or, potentially, how far they could get away with something potentially obscene. Here's a clip of Banner Day '84. Please note Ralph Kiner's appreciation of the Goonies banner, as well as a message to Rusty Staub the director of the telecast wisely decided would be better served if it was shot at far range.

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