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11 March, 2011

Thanks Gus by Tom McConville

Vince Ricardo: Just go with the flow, Shel, just go with the flow.
Sheldon: What flow? There isn't any flow.

-       "The In-Laws", 1979

I’ve been a fan of the blog since it started way back in early 2011. But more importantly, Gus has been a friend for much longer. I’m excited to join in, add my rambles and grateful for the opportunity.

While I am a big sports fan (Mets, NY Giants, Seton Hall Pirates), I can’t hold a candle to what Gus brings to the table. So, consider me something of a fish out of water. While I’ll share some sports stuff from time to time, my niche will be a bit more on the observational side of things. Less Art Rooney, more Andy Rooney. (Minus the Leonid Brezhnev-like eyebrows.)

And to that end….
Once and for all Cialis, why the two bathtubs. Outside.  Why?

  • Listening to Wilco and watching soccer. These are two things people tell me I should do more of. But every time I do, it feels like a chore.

 First his brother Dennis, now 
Charlie Sheen. When will Randy Quaid ever 
take center stage?
  •            My wife is starting to talk about getting the patio furniture out from the shed. Little do she know that one of the plastic Adirondack’s will once again be used as a makeshift wiffle ball backstop.

  •       This morning, I saw two homeless men relieving themselves on a subway platform. I’m on edge right now, since these things come in three’s.

  •       Now I can certainly understand putting up inspirational quotes in your cubicle. But Family Circus cartoons? The woman in cubicle 1457-D scares me
  •       I vote for bringing back the bullpen car. And when a brawl happens, having all the relievers pile into one, speed to the fight and then climb out like clowns in the big top.

  •       Even though I love my 2 ½ year old dearly, I still sometimes wish there was a boarding school for pre-schoolers.
  •       I don’t believe in random acts of violence. Unless it’s against the person who created the 1-800-Kars-4-Kids radio spot.

March means NCCA's. Spring Training. Parades.
And of course, the return of Cookie O'Puss to Carvel.
It's what St. Patrick would've wanted.

Thanks again. To Gus, and all of you.


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