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01 March, 2011

The Right Move?

Carlos Beltran is moving to right field this year.
Seems like a good idea. Just ask the man himself.
"I think it's best for the team. I think it's going to be best for me also, best for my knee. It's going to be less active than playing center field."
I agree with the premise that right fielders don't run nearly as
often as center fielders, which should benefit their knees.
Torii Hunter, who moved to right last season, said right field
got down right boring for him.
Center fielders are like Paris Hilton's publicists, they have to react to everything.
There is a lot of stopping and starting involved, and that can wear on the knees.
But this notion that right field is going to be easier on Beltran's knees is a little foolhardy.

Has anyone seen right field at Citi Field? A) it's huge.
B) it's dangerous. There are the nooks and crannies of
the Mo Zone that make it a Danger Zone that Maverick and
Goose wouldn't feel good about navigating.
There is the wall just on the other side of the foul line that
Slam on the breaks, Carlos!
can turn the best of fielders into crash test dummies.
The Mo Zone is a danger zone
There is the low wall in foul territory that is knee high and just begging to blow out someone's ACL.
Also consider that just about every park in the NL has similar dangers in their right field areas. Many have similarly small foul territories and low walls. Some others have bullpens in the corner and the dreaded pitchers mound the outfielders have to look out for in pursuit of fair or foul balls. The only dicey center field in the league is Tal's Hill in Houston, which by the way, Beltran made one of the best catches of his career on.
One last element to consider; Beltran is a center fielder by trade.
How long will it take him to lose that "every ball is
mine" mentality and give way to Pagan?
Mets fans and Beltran remember all too well a similar
issue when long time center fielder Mike Cameron was playing right for
No Mets fan will forget this moment
the Mets and Beltran was in center.
  There is no doubt that a Beltran move to right was the right move.
But it certainly doesn't mean it's going to be a walk in the park
or, in this case, the (Citi) Field.

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