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24 February, 2011

One of my favorite stories to tell

Summer of 1982, I was a 15 year old at Digger Phelps
basketball camp at Notre Dame. Even though it was Digger's
camp, he was around about as often as Carl Pavano was for
the Yankees. But one day Digger showed up to walk the
kids through some drills. So Digger is picking kids out
of the crowd to help him. The first kid he calls on has braces
and one of those "I'm half way to manhood" mustaches.
Digger looks right at the kid and says, "Son, what's that on your lip?"
The nervous 15 year old trying to sound manly said "My mustache, Coach."
"What's that on your teeth, son?" Digger wanted to know.
"Braces, coach."
Digger stared at the kid for a few seconds and said
"One of them has got to go!"

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