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03 February, 2011

Madden Super Sim

I fired up Madden '11 to have the computer play out Super Bowl 45.
7:00 quarters. no clock acceleration. I sat Pouncey because I don't believe he will play.
Gus Johnson and Chris Collinsworth have the call for us today.
Sunny and 76 degrees. They wish!
No Christina Aguilera singing the anthem. I have that as a win.
A shot of Aaron Rodgers in the Packers locker room before the
game and a graphic points out the Packers last SB appearance
was in 1998 when they lost to John Elway and the Broncos.
Up and over! Hall and GB strike first.
Damn straight!
Steelers win the toss and elect to receive.
Packers get a pick on the 2nd play of the game and return it
to Pitt 17. Packer fans are giving Roethlisberger the John Candy
"have another one" motion from Trains, Planes and Automobiles.
Rodgers hits Hall in the flat and he gets upended and
helicoptered like Elway (only not nearly as awesome)
at the goal line for the first score.
7-0 GB with 5:00 left in 1st quarter.
So far Rodgers has been very effective sliding out
of the pocket and completing passes.
3rd and 2 from the Steelers 26, Pittsburgh gets caught in a blitz
and Starks busts off right tackle for a TD. 14-0 GB.
That's the score when the 1st quarter ends.
big hole for Starks
big lead for GB, 14-0

1st qtr stats:  
1st downs GB  2    Pitt 0
rush yds    GB 33   Pitt 9
pass yds    GB 38   Pitt -1
turnovers  GB 0      Pitt  1
TOP         GB 4:19 Pitt 2:41

2nd quarter starts with GB on the move again.
Rodgers hits Driver for a 23 yard gain out to midfield.
Steelers are having trouble pressuring Rodgers.
Just as I say that Harrison hits Rodgers on a 3rd and 3,
incomplete pass and GB is stopped for the 1st time today.
The NFL is reviewing to see if they can fine and suspend
Harrison immediately but decide against it.
Two completions in a row for Big Ben and Collinsworth
notes that the Steelers will "need a whole lot more of those."
Steelers are on the board
Ward makes a huge catch on 3rd and 7 and runs over 2 GB
dbs like Paris Hilton runs over paparazzi.
Another 3rd and 7 and another completion to Ward moves
the chains. Playaction pass and Ben finds Randel El down
at the 20, and he runs it all the way to the GB 3.
1st and goal for Pitt at the 2:00 warning.
Mendenhall punches it in over left tackle on 2nd down
and Gus Johnson is getting fired up.
Impressive 80 yard drive. 14-7 GB.
Big 3 and out by GB gives the ball back to Pitt with 1:14
left in the half, starting from their 47. Another huge 3rd down completion, this one to Miller, gets Pitt down to the 30 with
1:00 left in the half. GB defense stiffens and forces a 49 yard FG attempt...
it's good! 14-10 GB but Uncle Mo is putting on his Steelers shirt.
Screen pass to Starks and HE FUMBLES! Pittsburgh recovers at the GB 32.
:30 left in the half. Woodson bats down a pass intended for
Ward in the endzone on 1st down. 3rd down complete to Miller at the 3. :15 left, 1 TO left.
Ben to Miller, touchdown! 17-14 Pitt with :09 left in the half.
What a  huge shift in momentum. 17 points scored in the final
2:00. We haven't seen a collapse like that since my neighbors
roof this past weekend. (it's ok, everyone is fine... well, except
for Fluffy. Turns out cats only get 1 life.)
Ben gets it off just in time to Miller
Steelers lead 17-14 at the half.

halftime stats:
1st downs  GB   3   Pitt    6
rush yds     GB  32  Pitt   15
pass ys      GB   71  Pitt  126
turnovers   GB    1   Pitt   1
TOP          GB 6:28 Pitt  7:32

A stirring halftime show by the Blackeyed Peas. Not a dry
eye in the house after their cover of Captain & Tennille's
Muscrat Love.
GB receives and goes right back to the passing game.
Lots of 4 and 5 wide looks but on 2nd down Harrison breaks
through for a sack. GB opens with a 3 and out.
Perhaps a Pack-breaking moment
for Green Bay
Pittsburgh punts, Green Bay punts. Defenses might be settling in...
Pitt 3rd and 6 from their own 41, GB blitzes and Ben hits Ward on a slant... he breaks a tackle and he's gone! 59 yard TD and the Steelers have scored 24 unanswered points.
Collinsworth says for GB "the offense has to find a way to put
points on the board and it has to start happening now." The Packers don't listen as they go 3 and out again. The Steelers D has raised the bar, getting in Rodgers face on every pass.
After a Pitt 3 and out GB tries the running game and
Starks rips off a 15 yard run up the middle. Then 2 more runs
for 12 more yards and now they are in Pittsburgh territory
at the 3:00 mark. On the 4th straight run Starks fumbles again
but GB gets it back. Could have been devestating.
Nothing worse than a Starks with a crisis of confidence in a title
game, right Knicks fans?
Timmons with a Ha-Yuge pick
A quick hitter to James with 2 awesome blocks by Driver and
GB is down to the Steeler 9! 3rd and goal from the 11...
Rodgers has all day...throws for Driver but he is PICKED in the endzone by Timmons!
Killer interception by GB who could have at least cut it to 7 with a FG.
3rd quarter ends with Pitt on the move again, up 24-14.

stats after 3 qtrs
1st downs  GB 6 Pitt 7
rush yds  GB 61  Pitt 34
pass yds  GB 94  Pitt 209
turnovers  GB 2 Pitt 1
TOP  GB10:36  Pitt 10:24

a big moment to start the 4th. 4th and 2 from the GB 45 and
Miller beats Collins...
Pitt is going for it!
Ben to Ward again, first down to the GB 32!
Ward has 7 catches for 118 so far.
GB spirit seems to be broken after that play.
Mendenhall rips off a 9 yard carry to  the 24.
GB needs to hold them to 3 points.
Ben has other ideas... Deep to Miller...
TOUCHDOWN as he out-jumps Collins at the goal line.
The refs talked it over but ruled TD. The Terrible Towels are
waiving throughout Jerry Jones's house. 31-14 Pittsburgh.
...and just gets in for the TD
3:10 left and GB is down to the Pitt 29... tick, tick, tick...
Rodgers sacked by Woodley. 3rd and 16 and he hits Jones
down to the 11... no huddle...
Jones is open in the endzone for a score! 31-21 with 2:27 to go.
On-side kick is recovered by Pitt.
Mendenhall is running over the Packers.
2 big 1st downs on the ground and GB burns all 3 timouts.
Pitt is taking a knee... it's all over! Pittsburgh wins 31-21
for Super Bowl title #7. Roethlisberger is named MVP.

final stats
first downs  GB 10     Pitt 10
rush yds      GB 62     Pitt 67
pass yds      GB 167   Pitt 248
turnovers    GB  2       Pitt 1
TOP           GB 13:13 Pitt 14:47

Roethlisberger  18-31,  254  3 TD,  1 int
Rodgers            12-26,  178,  2 TD, 1 int

Mendenhall       14-61, 1 TD
Starks                12-55, 1 TD

Ward                 7-118, 1 TD
Miller                5-83,   2 TD
Driver               4-78
Jones                3-62,    1 TD
Gatorade bath for Tomlin

Rodgers was Favre from
perfect on this day

Big Ben the MVP
President #44 meets with
winners of SB #45


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