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09 February, 2011

I Think...

... Valentines Day and Pitchers and Catchers Report Day
are similarly meaningless. Despite being around for hundreds
Valentines, Pitchers and Catchers
they ain't what they used to be
of years, Valentines Day now exists pretty much to support
the chocolate and greeting card industries. It gives women
something to feel warm and fuzzy about in the middle of winter.
My wife doesn't need V-Day to know that I love her. And if she
wants warm and fuzzy, well, that's why we have two dogs.
 There was a time when the pitchers and catchers reporting
date was a big deal.
But now everyone gets there early, unless they are Carlos or
Melido Perez. The Mets already have more than 30 guys in
camp, 5 days before Ps+Cs report. So these report dates are
meaningless... BUUUT they help keep men feeling warm and
fuzzy as they chip ice off their gutters in February.
... I'd like to know why they can't put the thin defroster strips
from my car's rear window on my car's front window.
... reality TV has jumped the shark. It was fun for a while, but
Reality TV jumps the shark
now everyone is just acting. All those people on American Idol
who can't sing know they can't sing, but they act like they think
they can because it makes for good TV.
The folks on the Jersey Shore and Real World aren't oblivious
to the cameras. They are all playing characters. There is
nothing real about the the Real Housewives. That's why I'll stick
with the traditional TV shows where the actors are highly
trained professionals.
When I want reality TV I watch sports.
... Albert Pujols going to the Cubs in 2012 would be fantastic.
A future Cub?
Most plausible WWE-like heel turn we could see.
... the Red Sox may wait to see what happens with Albert before
doing any new deals with Adrian Gonzalez.
... MAD Magazine was one of the great things from my youth
that doesn't carry much weight anymore, but my boys love their
new TV show.
...  if the Padres struggle this year, Heath Bell will be a hot
commodity at the trade deadline.
... I'm going to give Mr. Sunshine a chance tonight. I hope it's funny.
... I'm fired up for MLB '11 and my annual internal debate
of if its better than Madden. (yes, I'm 44. What's your point?)
... Kyle Orton will be the Broncos opening day QB next season.
... I have no problem not friending tangential "friends"on
Facebook. If we haven't been in touch in a long time, there
is probably a reason. Don't use me to inflate your "friends"
list. I will not be used like a Charlie Sheen party favor.
turns out I was the Schmuck
How dare you!

... my decision to have never eaten at a Taco Bell was a good one. 
... my decision to rent Dinner for Schmuk's last week as a really, 
really bad one. Never even made it to the dinner part. 

... my friend who thinks The King's Speech is about LeBron
James "The Decision" will be disappointed when he goes
to the theater.
... "ironic" and "ironically" are the most misused words
in our language.
... Lindsey Lohan probably wishes her Wikipedia page
ended after the first paragraph.
... it's time to eat some of my son's birthday cake.

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