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22 February, 2011

10 things I think...

... Melo is a perfect fit with the Knicks because N.Y. fans
love to chant and "Mel-O-(clap-clap), Mel-O-(clap-clap)"
is right up their alley.

... it's a good thing that they don't "play" defense in
the MLB All-Star game like they do in the NBA,
NFL and NHL games.

... Justin Bieber is waaaaaay too aware of his hair.
He did that little hair shake move of his during the
celebrity game more times than Rhianna showed her
appreciation for Mitch Kupchak.

... the Miller Light commercials have run their course.
When the funniest part is the final :02 every time, let's
move on. "hehehehe...harrrr."

... the percentage of retirement matches in WWE history
that actually resulted in retirement is equal to the percentage
of husbands who will actually get granted "hall passes" in
the coming months.

... no one, and I mean no one, was better at coming to
after being knocked out and being wildly disoriented
than the Macho Man.

... Rhianna grabbing herself during her All-Star game halftime
show was the 3rd most disturbing part of All-Star weekend.
Second was Barkley picking Iverson first overall in the
All-Time Fantasy Draft and first was the movie
re-enactment skits during the celebrity games.

... 20 year old Daytona 500 winner Trevor Bayne is going to
be very popular with the ladies. Smart, good looking guy who
seems very humble and grounded and now is really rich. Plus
his name is Trevor.

... I could sneak into the back of Derek Jeter's new home, have
Charlie Sheen and Courtney Love over 5 nights a week for
6 months and DJ would never know I was there.

... LeBron James should enter the dunk contest next year,
jump over his talents and throw it down.

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