28 February, 2011

links for 2/28

Jazz got frustrated with Miller

Chipper says he's ready to go

OSU uses Knight lesson to beat Indiana

Week to watch for NFL labor situation

Peterson wants to go sub 4.3 in combine

Draft sleeper? The Mighty Quinn

Locker makes an impression

Terps to watch at the combine

Joe Nathan better than ever?

Ty Wigginton is in RF for Rockies


  1. Gus, love following your stuff and still owe you a madden game.

    we have been doing the spring training ticker for years now. you should jump on board with our clan. today is day one lead by Pegg. here it is...

    ....31 days until Opening Day 2011....

    ....Welcome back to the hope of warm evenings, beer in plastic cups, hot dogs, peanuts, numbers and decimal points, nicknames and No-No's, number 2 pencils and scorecards, and the chance for all of our teams to be in first place. They are playing Spring ball today....

    ...."Man, if I made one million dollars I would come in at six in the morning, sweep the stands, wash the uniforms, clean out the office, manage the team and play the games." -Duke Snider. The Duke Of Flatbush, The Silver Fox, passed away yesterday at 84....

    ....The Duke was the last living Brooklyn Dodger who was on the field for the final out of the 1955 World Series....

    ....The Big Unit never fails to surprise me. Just when I was doing a double-take after seeing him roll out in a Just For Men commercial he says this, "It's adrenaline. When one of those cars goes by I want to grab a baseball and throw it through a brick wall." He is referring to his hobby of being a NASCAR photographer....

    ....more to come....

    Jeremy Pegg
    The Baseball Ticker

    hit me up hammer and I will add you to the list. you could add a lot of fun to this.

  2. Day two of the ticker today....

    ....30 days until Opening Day 2011....

    ....Josh Beckett is off the hook for anything that goes wrong for the rest of the season. He was struck by a batted ball while in left field and is showing symptoms of being concussed....

    ....Are the Brewers possible contenders this year? Not sure why but I hope so. The sentiment possibly stems from the return of 76 year old broadcaster Bob Ueker who has returned funny as ever from two heart surgeries. "I'm full of pig valves and stuff but I feel good."

    ....Is there a better cheeseballish logo than the classic Milwaukee Brewers "mitt" logo?....

    ....Two pieces of business: 1. Announcement coming Friday regarding a new feature to be implemented in the last 9 days of The Ticker. 2. I would be grateful if everyone could reply today with the states they are from (other than Virginia, Washington, Kentucky, Oregon, Illinois)....

    ....more to come....

    Jeremy Pegg
    The Baseball Ticker

    this created a huge debate over Clinton Portis or Champ Bailey....ridonkulous