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17 December, 2011

The Sim Game

So mostly out of curiosity, somewhat out of bordom and certainly out of dorkdom, I had turned on my Madden '12 game last night and had the computer play a Patriots at Broncos game ahead of tomorrow's showdown. The rosters were updated, as were the depth charts, so it was legit. I started tweeting a little play-by-play just for fun. Everything that happened is 100% true. I swear on John Elway. Here is my Twitter timeline showing what transpired.

Yes I did just start a Patriots vs Broncos CPU vs CPU game on Madden that I am watching. what's your point?

Woodhead 2 yard TD run. 7-0 Pats. 2:14 left in the first.
game just showed a cut-away of Tebow getting loose on the sidelines, throwing right handed.... hmmmmm
after Prater 36-yard FG makes it 7-3, Pats respond with 1st play, 80-yard TD to Welker after he breaks a Goodman tackle on a slant. 14-3 NE

Broncos driving inside the 2:00 mark, inside the red zone. Tebow just ran from the 18 to the 1 yard line.

Broncos stuffed twice, 1 incomplete. kick the FG. 14-6 NE with :37 left in the half.

I can go much lower RT @bmb21 Consider what you're doing right now: tweeting a play by play of an imagined NFL game. New low indeed.

Tebow runs and fumbles. Nate Jones scoops and scores. 21-6 Pats. 5:41 left in the 3rd.

Mcgahee 1-yard TD run. 21-13. :38 left in 3rd quarter. Tebow is 9-19, 94 yds and 79 yards rushing

Pats go 3 and out. Gus Johnson is starting to get a little fired up.

Tebow hits 2 passes in a row. Broncos on the Pats 46.

3rd and 9, Tebow hits Royal who lunges for the 1st down.

big 3rd and 2 coming up from the 27

McGahee gets it!

3rd and 4, toss to McGahee.. he breaks 3 tackles and gets the first down at the 14

3rd and 2 from the 6, pass to Green in the back of the end zone but he doesn't get the second foot down! incomplete

Broncos go for it. 4th and 2. Ball runs it in! TD.

Broncos go for 2.... Tebow hits McGahee and we are tied at 21. 4:30 to go. Virtual Gus Johnson is losing his mind.

3 plays (including a long pass to Ochocinco. See I could never make that up) and Brady has the Pats on the Broncos 6.

2:00 warning. 3rd and goal. Drama!

Woodhead runs in it from 8 yards out. 28-21 Pats. 1:58 to go. Broncos have all their timeouts.

Tebow runs on back-to-back plays, Denver at the 45....

Tebow to Decker down at the Pats 13!!!!

Tebow runs down to the 2!

Tebow runs again... sacked and injured!! He's down. Brady Quinn is coming in.

3rd and 2 from the 4, :46 left..

Quinn throws incomplete....

McGahee gets the first but stopped on the 1!

Complete pass to McGahee at the goal line. Touchdown! But the play is under review!

it's overturned! 2nd and goal from the 1

Tebow is back in and runs it in! I couldnt make this up if I wanted to.

28-28. :35 left. Pats have all their timeouts. Best CPU v CPU game I have ever seen.

we've gone to OT. Broncos won the toss

Tebow 15-28, 192 and 19-115 on the ground

After a screen to Mcgahee, Tebow runs 18 yards to the Pats 33,

Complete to Cosby down to the 9!

Mcgahee dives in from the two and the Broncos win!

The winning score

And guess who loved it


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