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10 December, 2011

Perception is Reality

   Lots of talk lately about how the Broncos offense is controlling the ball and allowing their defense to rest, thus making them more effective late in games. It's not entirely true. They lead the league in 3-and-Outs and during their current win streak, aka the real Tebow Era, their time of possession is less than their opponents.

Den          Opp.

31:51       28:09
33:38       26:22
27:48       32:12
37:08       37:23
22:09       37:51

152:34    161:57

   Clearly Denver has played better in the second half in every game during this streak, so perhaps the second half stats would tell a different story and may better speak to the defense being on the field, but I still find it interesting that the Broncos aren't quite the ball hogs some are making them out to be.
   Also, I think we saw the value of Von Miller last week, as Denver relied heavily on the blitz to pressure the QB with Miller out of the game. It worked early, but it also lead to some huge plays for the Vikings. I'm curious to see if Denver will back off tomorrow and let Haine throw the ball, just trying to generate pressure with Dumervill and Miller.

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