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20 January, 2013

Royal Rumble Contest 2013

 Here's how it works. I will randomly select 30 Twitter followers on 1/25 who let me know they want in on the contest (details below) . YOU ARE NOT GUARANTEED AN ENTRY. THIS IS A LOTTERY. I will use a random number generator to match up entrance spots with the 30 contestants to determine who gets each entrance number.
  Last year I used this hypothetical example and accidentally predicted exactly how the Rumble would be won.
   I'll take another stab at it this year. 
   So if you have #18 and Cena comes in at #18 and wins, you win. (by the way, that scenario coupled with The Rock beating Punk sets up a Rock vs Cena Twice in a Lifetime rematch at Wrestlemania.) 

   I will post the names of the entrants and the number they've been assigned here on the blog on 1/25.
   Prizes will include a Jim Ross barbecue sauce prize pack and a signed item from him as well as a choice of WWE DVD or WWE Encyclopedia.  

  If you want to enter the contest, leave your name and twitter handle in the comments section of this post. DO NOT JUST SEND ME A TWEET.
****Your name will not appear in the comments box until I APPROVE THE COMMENT, so don't panic.****
  Please only submit your name once. Good luck to all.
  By the way, if you don't get in this one, do your own. It's a lot of fun. 

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