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15 January, 2012

Royal Rumble Contest 2012

   by Gus Ramsey

   So here's the deal. I will randomly select 29 Twitter followers (I'll be in it too) on 1/27 who let me know they want in on the contest. I will use a random number generator to match up entrance spots with the 29 contestants (plus mine) to determine who gets each entrance number.
  So if you have #22, Sheamus enters at #22 and Sheamus wins, you win. It's great drama waiting to see who your number reveals.
   I'll also give a prize to the person whose wrestler is in the ring the longest. If there are surprise entrants, then I will assign people "surprise entrant #1", etc.
   I will post the names of the entrants and the number they've been assigned here on the blog.
   I'll try and figure out a good prize for the winners.

  If you want a chance to be entered in the contest, leave your name and/or twitter handle in the comments section of this post. Your name will not appear until I approve the post.

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