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17 June, 2011

I think...

 by Gus Ramsey

"you can take that one..."
   LeBron deferred to D-Wade MORE in the post-game press conferences than he did on the court during the finals.

  I'm going to start an investigative unit whose sole purpose will be to disclose the locations of all the secret meetings and workouts that seem to be happening in sports lately. They're all at these "undisclosed locations."
Also, all my reporters will be from parts unknown.

  I agree with my friend Nick when he
says there is a reason (Mark Cuban) championship bracelets are not a tradition. If Cuban wants to take his bling prizes to the next level, how about gold plated, diamond studded championship headphones that all the Mavs could wear on the planes and into the arenas? How cool would that be to walk into other teams gyms sporting 18-carat Beats?

  If golf were the WWE, Tiger would show up at Congressional this weekend and follow McIlroy around the course, scowling at him all the way. 

   It’s important for your kids to learn the classics.
   That is why I bought Looney Toones and Muppet Show dvds for my boys to watch.

   The highlight of my professional career was getting Tim Kurkjian to take a big hit of helium and then talk. Funniest thing I’ve ever seen and heard. Sounded like one of the Chipmunks on speed.

   Despite Rick Carlisle’s contention that Erik Spoelstra has “the toughest job in basketball” I’m saying that job goes to Kurt Rambis. Or Deshawn Stephenson’s PR person. Or the Sacramento Kings tickets sales staff. Or Brendan Haywood’s free throw coach. Or the guy responsible for finding available skin room on BirdMan Andersen for a tattoo.

 I'm still a little bitter about the Mets losing on a balk-off. And many versions of the balk are stupid rules. But for my money the worst rule in the history of sport remains the NBA having the "3-to-make-2" rule for foul shots. Once teams were in the bonus they were given 3 chances to make 2 foul shots. In the NBA! You know, where the world's best players play!? This wasn't the carnival, this was an actual professional league's rule. "Aww, you missed. Here, try another."

  The Mets are going to win 10 of their next 15 games. Unless of course they find some excruciating ways to lose a few of them. But that's not their style...

  A lot of things in life are hard for me. Sitting down and polishing off a whole sleeve of Chips Ahoy while dunking them in milk, is not one of them.

  Ralph Kiner has said a lot of great things, but nothing will ever top his Father's Day salutation of "On this Father's Day, to all you dads out there, Happy Birthday!" 

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