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28 June, 2011

The HR game

  by Gus Ramsey  (6/28/11)

   I mentioned on Twitter tonight how I look at the box scores every day looking for a day when players combine to hit their 1st through 10th homers of the season (tough to explain in 140 characters).
  To my knowledge, it hasn't happened yet this year. What I mean is this. Look at the box scores and look for this (these are examples from the games on 6/28)

Mets/Tigers- Thole (1)
Giants/Cubs- Tejada (2)
Mets/Tigers- Bay (4)
Bst/Phil- Brown (5)
Pit/Tor- Patterson (6)
ChW/Col- Ramirez (7)
Tex/Hst-Hamilton (8)
Bst/Phi-Victorino (9)
Mil/NYY-Swisher (10)

  So we have 1-10 except for the 3. And it's end of day totals. As I write this, Ramirez is still playing and he could hit his 8th and we would be without a 7.
  It's a little dopey but the first day I notice it happened I'll be fired up.

(***update. It happened last night. We actually made it all the way from 1 to 13. And I was, in fact, a little fired up***)

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