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16 January, 2011

ok, let's just get them all out of the way

Football is a game of inches, except for the Jets. then it's a game of feet.
They call it Foot-ball for a reason.
A loss today would be the Agony of Da-Feet
The Jets have signed Lou The Toe Groza to be their kicker today
I hope it's a heel of a game.
The teams seem to be arch rivals.
Rex Ryan consulted Toe-ny Dungy about ways to beat the Patriots.
I wonder if all the players got a Jet-icure to get ready for today...
Winning in Foxboro would be an amazing feet for the Jets, I mean toe-totally awesome.
Would be something if Folk nailed another game winner.
You know who is fired up to watch the game today, baseball player Rick Ankle
If the Jets win the Super Bowl this year, they are going to rename the bone in the foot the Jetatarsal.
I wonder if the Jets will be wearing their white or green cuneiforms today.
I got my hands on Rex Ryan's game plan. here it is
36 power toss, X distal phalanges
on two...ready, break!

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