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11 January, 2011

Get rich, seriously. It's on me

Here are some ideas that I just want to see happen.
I don't have the time or wherewithal to do it myself.
So someone out there, go get it done and enjoy the riches.
It's on me.

I've mentioned this on the Simmons podcast before, and Twitter too.
someone made this from scratch. How cool would
actual MLB stadium sets be?!
This is absolute gold. 
Two Christmases ago I bought my sons the LEGO Death Star. 
It took me 6 days, at about 4 hours a day to put it together. I loved every minute of it. Now imagine that you get to put together any, or every, MLB stadium?! What boy/man between ages 10-70 wouldn't want to do this? I've seen people who made their own from scratch, but sets with all the right touches would be awesome.
They could even do old ballparks too.
Price them reasonably and you'll make a fortune. 
Come on MLB and LEGO, this is easy money. Do it. Do it. 

Brent reads Summer of '49.

Let's get Brent and his silky smooth voice to read 
the greatest sports books ever written and put 
them on CD. No chance this isn't a win.
He could even branch out to children's books that 
could be read as bedtime stories so impatient dads 
can get back to their games of Madden online 
while Brent helps little Sparky drift off to sleep. 

Look, I'm happy to Tweet every time someone starts
flirting with Destiny after 5 innings. 
But I'm not always home, I have a life.
How cool would an app be that fires off an alert, 
with Destiny popping up on your phone, winking, 
smiling and then the face of 
"Halladay has made eye contact in 5th!"
the pitcher in question pops up? Then, if he gives up a hit, Destiny pops back up and we see her walk out the door. 
This is gold, Jerry! Gold!

These have been tried before but never with success, which is 
stunning to me. Who do kids love more than Santa Claus? You have
the elves make x number of toys in x amount of time. You fly around
delivering the toys with time markers and challenges, throw in 
some reindeer games, etc. A quick google search shows us that 
there has not been a successful game of this genre yet. 
Come on, smart people. Hook us up.   
you don't want this hanging in
your dorm room. 
My college roommate always used to say
that if girls thought you were attractive
they should glow orange when they
looked at you. 
I don't want to say college was rough
for me, but for a while I did have K Korner 
hanging over my dorm room bed.
So with that in mind, for all you single guys 
out there, how about someone invent earrings
that a woman can trigger to glow if she is
interested in you? She holds a little device in her hand, and once the conversation starts, she can press it and the earrings glow to let you know you may proceed. They could even glow different colors to match their outfits. 
It would eliminate a lot of angst on both sides. 

  So there you go. Five simple ideas that some of you smart folks can
get done. You get rich, I get what I want. It's a win-win. 

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