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11 September, 2013

Breaking Bad - 3 shows left

With one of the great shows in TV history winding down, a few thoughts on what went down in last Sunday's episode.

   How would we have viewed the scene in the desert if we hadn't already seen the flash-forwards?
Would you have viewed Walter's surrender differently? For me it reinforced that the gang was coming because once he was in custody I can't see how he escapes from the cops.

   I liked how Walt climbed the same rock that Jesse stood on when they did there first cook. Always enjoy when things come full circle.

   Kudos to Vince Gilligan and his crew for milking the desert scene. I think most people assumed Uncle Jack and his crew were still coming, even though Walter told them not to, but the scene dragged on, in a good way. There were multiple moments when I expected Hank or Gomie to take a bullet in the brain. As he was reading Walter his rights. Right after the tight shot of Hank slapping the cuffs on Walt. Right after Hank got off the phone with Marie and said he'd be home in a little while. The scene was long enough that I kept bracing for that moment, and it never came. It played out beautifully.

   I no longer think those flash-forwards are Walt hunting Jesse, now I think he's hunting Jack and his gang, pissed that they killed Hank and maybe Jesse. Still have no clue who the ricin is for, but maybe he's going to use it himself so he can go out on his own terms.

   Odds on people dying in the next episode:
   Gomez 100%
   Hank     95%
   Jesse      50%

My only nit-pick with the episode was the Storm Trooper-like shooting by Jack and his crew. Hank and Gomie are out in the open, roughly 20 yards away and (at least in the first part of the shootout) they can't hit either guy? Even J.R. Smith on a bad night has a better shooting percentage. It's not like the guys were ducking for cover. Gomez is standing there pumping his shotgun and 5 guys miss him?

  I'm thrilled about the Better Call Saul spinoff. Can they start it in 4 weeks?

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