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11 February, 2012

Remembering Whitney Houston

  It was love at first sight and sound. When Whitney Houston burst on the scene in the mid-'80s, she was the most talented female singer I had ever heard. She was also one of the most beautiful women of the time, going toe-to-toe with Christie Brinkley, Cindy Crawford, or anyone else you want to name.
   Her life has been tragic, inspirational and in many ways, unfinished. She was so great, but could have been so much greater. Below is a collection of some links highlighting her endless skills.

here are her isolated voice tracks for How Will I Know

here is her stupendous debut on the Letterman show in '85.

and of course her Super Bowl National Anthem in Tampa in January of '92. Lip-sync or not, anyone who watched it live, anyone who felt the true emotion of the moment, will likely never forget it. Pre-9/11 it was the most emotional patriotic sporting event other than the '80 USA/Russia hockey game in my lifetime.

   Ironically Whitney had just finished filming a movie called Sparkle, about a singing family that was struggling to deal with fame and drugs.

   RIP, Whitney.

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