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03 February, 2012

Hair Brained NBA All-Star Idea

   by Gus Ramsey

 In the Looney Tunes episode Show Biz Bugs, Daffy Duck performs a spectacular trick which concludes with Daffy blowing himself up
   As Daffy notes at the end, you can only do it once.

   With that in mind, here's my hair brained idea to spice up the NBA All-Star game, but you could probably only do it once.
   Begin with the fans continuing to vote in the players, with the top 40 getting invited to All-Star Weekend. They get their All-Star bonuses and all the frills. The two leading vote getters are captains of the two teams. Imagine the voting frenzy as fans try and pit Kobe against LeBron or LeBron and D-Wade against each other! With no Yao Ming in the league, this could be really fun.
   On All-Star Saturday night, before the Slam Dunk contest, the captains pick their 13-man rosters. Can you see the drama now? Kobe has first pick and takes Wade, so now LeBron and Wade are on opposite teams. Or LeBron passes on Bosh for Blake Griffin.  Now we've got story lines for the rest of the season like Kobe against the Knicks and Carmelo is still pissed Kobe didn't take him. The possibilities are endless.
   If you did the math, then you've already figured it out, we voted in 40 but only 26 have been picked. That's right, 14 guys don't get picked! So besides the bonus of "revenge matches," we now have snubbed guys story lines too! It would be great.
   If you really want to get whacky, the 14-man Snub Team has "next." Whoever loses the first half is done at half time and the All-Snubs play the first half winner in the second half. The winner of that half gets the first place winner check, the loser gets second place money and the first half loser gets nothing, giving them some incentive to try and win the first half.

   Like I said, you could only do it once because egos would never allow it a second time, but boy, what I wouldn't give to see it just once.

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