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20 January, 2012

Interesting Royal Rumble Theory

   sent to me by reader Kent Brown (@kentbrown34) in an email. He had no idea I would post it and please don't get bogged down in "I heard/read this somewhere else." The world is a big place. Lots of people can have the same "original" thought. It was the first I had heard it. If it's out there in other places, so be it.

After watching RAW the other night, I had an idea with how the WWE can keep this Chris Jericho angle alive.  Since Jericho has basically just went around high-fiving the crowd, getting pumped up and then leaving...why not carry it over to the Royal Rumble?

Hear me out, it's the closing stages of the Royal Rumble match. 2 Participants are still in the ring, with just #30 left to come to the ring.  In a similar fashion to the Bret Hart/Lex Luger ending in 1994, where both of their feet hit the mat at the same time, the same thing happens here. Let's say for arguments sake, the 2 men are Triple H and Kevin Nash.  So then all of a sudden, it's as simple as #30 walking down to the ring, entering the ring and thus winning the Royal Rumble.  And...that 30th participant would be Chris Jericho.  

They can keep the same shtick going, and it would be a valid victory, and cetainly one that has never happened before in any Royal Rumble (which is always a good thing, to have a new way to win).

Let me know what you think.  I think it would be hilarious and Jericho could really milk this thing all the way to WrestleMania.

***I agree. This would be really comical. I'm in. ***

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