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23 October, 2011

Tebow vs the Dolphins

   by Gus Ramsey

   It was ugly. It was real ugly. Fifty four minutes in and there was only one thing that Tim Tebow did that made me say wow, a 21-yard scramble in which he avoided a sack on his own goal line, evaded three other tackles and kept a drive alive.
   But mostly, there were overthrows, happy feet and moments of panic. And then, suddenly, Tebow was throwing strikes on the run, throwing strikes from the pocket and making a beautiful play to hit Demayrius Thomas for the first TD of the game. We all know what happened after that. For the first time since the merger, a team won a game when trailing by fifteen or more points with three minutes to go.
   Many people tweeting me during the game were not in love with the pass plays that were called. It's hard to say without seeing the sky-angle film on what was called, but it did not appear a single slant was called. There were no screen passes called until a brilliant TE screen for the 2nd touchdown. In short, it's arguable that the play calling wasn't the best for Tebow, but it's hard to know for sure, especially if Tebow was giving up on plays too soon or didn't have time to make the throws.
   You can't erase the awful play for the majority of the game, but you can't ignore what Tebow did in the end. This much is true, the Broncos season will be more entertaining over the final ten weeks than it was over the first five.


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