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10 September, 2011

My Madden 12 Online Franchise Team

   by Gus Ramsey

Here is the team that I drafted for my online franchise team. As we were doing this it occurred to me that every 10 years the NFL should blow up all rosters and re-draft the entire league. It would be the most watched television event of the year.

QB- Aaron Rodgers (1st pick, 8th overall) - I've learned that playing in these leagues, it's far more important to have a good QB than good RB. Just too hard to consistently run the ball well and win. I took Chris Johnson last year with my 1st pick, 3rd overall. Great for big numbers vs. the CPU, but I was only able to have limited success running against the other guys in the league. Still a weapon in the passing game, though. But having an accurate QB is a big deal now. Brady and Vick were off the board by the time I picked.

RB- Darren McFadden, Jerious Norwood and Demarco Murray as my 3rd down back.
FB- Brandon Manumaleuna, Tony Fiammetta. I win any fullback Scrabble competition.

WR- Desean Jackson, AJ Green, Davone Bess (great in the slot) Demayrius Thomas (88 release makes him very good against 4th CBs)

TE-Jimmy Graham (beast in the making for a franchise league), Travis Beckum

O-line is solid, not great. D-Line is shaky. Suh was taken just before I was going to take him and I never recovered.

LOLB- Thomas Davis (87 speed, 92 acc, 88 tak, 94 hp)
MLB- Jonathon Goff (90 tak, 93 hp) , Bruce Carter (88 speed, 87 agi, 92 acc)
ROLB- Von Miller ('nuf said)

CB- Jonathon Joseph, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Chris Culliver (58 tak, 65 hp. nice for a cb)

FS- Mike Adams, Major Wright
SS- Taylor Mays (95 speed, 95 agi, 93 acc, 91 hp), Kyle McCarthy (impressed me in the real Broncos training camp.)

K- Rod Bironas (I'll be making a 65 yarder in Denver with him)
P- Adam Podlesh (looking forward to cutting him after the 1st season.)

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