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15 June, 2016

GusRam Productions: Talent Coach at Your Service

 Are you a professional sports anchor or analyst looking to get to the next level? Maybe a college student looking to make your reel as good as can be. I can help.

  As a producer and coordinating producer at ESPN for 20 years, I worked with, learned from and coached some of the best talent to ever do the job. From SportsCenter to Baseball Tonight to NBA Tonight and many other shows, I was in the control room for thousands of hours of live TV. I know what it takes for an anchor to prepare a show and to execute a show at the highest level. I've seen every situation imaginable and seen how dozens and dozens of anchors handled them. I am now offering my services as a talent coach, to help you sharpen your on-air skills and take your career to the next level. There's only so much you can learn in school. I deal with practical applications of the job.  Here's where I can help make you the talent you want to be:

  • highlight reading - go from generic to dynamic with my tutelage 
  • interviewing - learn the key components to being a great interviewer in any setting
  • script writing and presentation - writing for TV is a different animal. I'll make you better
  • handling breaking news and "on the fly" changes to your show
  • I can help you get inside the mind of a producer to better understand the producer/talent relationship

  • I can provide insight on what companies like ESPN look for when they are evaluating talent. 

Here's what some of those with whom I've worked have to say about my abilities:

Steve Levy/ESPN anchor: "always thought Gus wound up on the wrong side of the camera but that has given him a keen eye for talent...
he knows exactly what tv execs are looking for because he's lived it."

Kevin Negandhi/ESPN anchor: When I arrived at ESPN 10 years ago, Gus helped me understand what was important about a highlight- how do you make it informative and yet entertaining for the audience. His producing experience and TV background were two big assets in my growth as he gave me the perspective and honesty I needed to get better. Plus, the man loves Rocky and Dr. J as much as I do, that qualifies him for recognizing great talent.”

Rich Eisen/NFL Network host: "Without question Gus Ramsey is one of most talented producers I've ever worked with, certainly in terms of helping me communicate with humor and in my own voice. Best of all, he's a delight to be around. Twenty years after first meeting him, I still consider him a great friend and not just because he pays well for me to say that. If you have a chance to work with Gus, consider yourself lucky!"

Jayme Sire/ESPN anchor: "To put it simply: Gus is the best. He approaches coaching with such thoughtfulness, such insight, such professionalism. As someone who has worked in the business his whole career, he understands the ins and outs, the challenges, and what makes good TV."

Jay Harris/ESPN anchor: "I've known and worked with Gus for many years. At his core, he's a writer and a storyteller. That's the foundation of what we do as journalists. When I need another set of eyes on my work, I call him because he knows his stuff. And I trust him to tell me the truth."

Chris McKendry/ESPN anchor: “Gus understands what works on TV and can easily identify someone’s strengths and weaknesses.
Gus was one of the signature producers during Sportscenter’s Golden Era.  His sports intelligence and subtle humor left a formula that many others follow to this day." 

Chris Carlin/SNY anchor: "Gus provides terrific insight into my on-camera work, both as an anchor and a debater. He's able to not just critique the writing, delivery,  and expression of opinions, but he finds where a slight nuance makes all the difference between good and outstanding. I can't recommend him enough." 

John Buccigross/ESPN anchor: "You can trust Gus to make you better. A keen eye for detail and an excellent feel for what works on TV."

Lisa Kerney/ESPN anchor: "Our business is about storytelling and no one has a better vision and way of teaching that than Gus. His ability to channel talent strengths, deconstruct scripts to reveal more efficient and effective writing, and his passion and advice for highlight reads helped me grow tremendously in our time together at ESPN. "

Jonathon Coachman/ESPN anchor: "Gus understands at the absolute highest level what it takes to become an anchor...How to properly tell a story so everyone understands and is entertained. If you want to have a chance to be great, or simply a chance to make it in this business - Gus Ramsey is an asset that you should not move forward without working with..."

Kevin Connors/ESPN anchor: "A lot of people in TV can coach. Very few know how to teach. If you're serious about pursuing a career in television, you won't find a better teacher than Gus Ramsey. The creative, the funny, the serious, the'll learn how to use the right tone for the right moments. With an expertise in writing, delivery and overall presentation, Gus will help you resist the "good enough" and help you discover your very best."

   And, if you are an analyst, I can help you too. I've worked with multiple analysts in all the major sports, helping them take their abilities to another level. If you want to be an analyst that gets people's attention and makes an impact, I'm your guy.

Tim Kurkjian/ESPN MLB analyst: “When I first got into TV, Gus Ramsey helped me more than anyone with delivery and presentation. I always told him that he should be on TV, he’d be great.’’ 

Bruce Bowen/ESPN NBA analyst: "Gus helped me to be authentic, without losing myself trying to be someone else. He gave me great feedback, with a push to be better. Receive his instruction and watch what transpires!"

Eduardo Perez/ESPN MLB analyst: "As easy as it may look to sit in front of a camera, it is not. My first day on the job at ESPN my heart was beating just as fast as my first big league at bat. My nerves had taken over and I realized I needed much more training. I was fortunate to that Gus was there to show me how to communicate with the television audience with confidence in a clear and concise manner. I knew then and still know now that my career is a lot better for having him on my team. "

   I charge a 1-time fee for a full written evaluation of your reel, as well as a follow up phone call to discuss the feedback and your career. I also offer the option of a 6-month retainer where my feedback and consultation services are available for 6 months at one additional cost. 

   If you are interested, please leave your email in the comments section and let me know where you currently are in your career. These comments aren't published and can only be seen by me, so your information will be protected. I look forward to helping you become the anchor or analyst you want to be!