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25 February, 2013

The Road to Wrestlemania

   I hope tonight's RAW is the first step toward what could be a great Wrestlemania (weather permitting!).
   With Mr. McMahon and Paul Heyman in a match tonight, there is potential for Brock Lesnar to launch another attack on the Chairman. If that happens, I hope the Dead Man rises again and the Undertaker comes to Vince's aid, setting up a 'Taker  v Brock match at 'Mania.
   While Cena and Punk are set to go at it tonight for the right to face the Rock, my hope is that it goes unresolved, setting us up with a Triple Threat match for the title. I think it's safe to assume Rock will not retain the belt at Wrestlemania, so the Triple Threat match would at least provide us with a measure of suspense as to who was going to win it, Cena or Punk.
   We may also get an idea of how deep in the doghouse Jack Swagger is after his arrest last week. If he  is out of the picture, I would like to see a Del Rio v Barrett match at 'Mania. Barrett deserves the spotlight since he had to miss out last year due to injury. It would be for the Intercontinental title as I suspect Ziggler will be the World Heavyweight champ before April.
   The Shield needs to be involved, so they need a 3-man team to go against. I'm not sure 6-weeks of them feuding with Ryback, Sheamus and Jericho will sustain itself, nor am I sure you want those three guys being used up in one match at Wrestlemania. I still prefer a Jericho v Ziggler match, so someone would have to join Ryback and Sheamus. Maybe the Miz fills that spot.
   Lastly, I want a tag-team match of Big Show and Mark Henry against Brodus Clay and Tensai. Just give me big slabs of beef smacking each other around. You could also have Team Hell No take on Show and Henry.
   Certainly there are other matches to be made. These are just a few that I would like to see.
   There are still many stops along the way on the Road to Wrestlemania. Hopefully tonight's RAW will provide us a bit of a travel plan.